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Aly Lloyd is British artist living and working in South West England. She is recognised for having a distinctive and contemporary painting style that fuses geometric abstractions and complex interlocking patterns with deconstructed and expressive natural form. Her meticulous and methodical approach to painting results in compositions often perceived as having a post-internet digital aesthetic, elements of optical illusion, and powerfully emotional undertones.


Central to her practice is the exploration of contrasting visual assets – primarily between free-flowing natural form and the fixed lines and rules of mathematical shape, but also in spectral extremes of colour and artistic styles (abstraction versus intricate detail) and the impact these have on our visual perception.​ She predominantly chooses women as her subject matter, portraying them as symbols of strength and resilience through abstracted forms, adding to the discourse of representations of women in the visual arts from the female gaze.


Aly's process involves observing, analysing, deconstructing and then reassembling visual imagery that captivates her through a careful and methodological application of paint - typically working with acrylic or watercolour as both suit her fast pace of working. Whilst the process of deconstruction has remained a constant, her work continues to evolve and shift. Her early and smaller works on paper were typically monochrome depictions with injections of abstract colour, created using what became her signature and somewhat chaotic watercolour application technique. In her current works, we see her larger scale acrylic compositions evolve into a cacophony of colour through interlocking patterns - a wide spectrum of bright and expressive language. She describes the processes of these creations as very different – energising vs meditative – but both a creative and expressive outlet.

Aly was born in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire, England) in 1990. She is self-taught, although has been painting and drawing from a young age. She spent her early years painting alongside academic pursuits in Psychology and studied to a PhD level, before working as a behavioural analyst in the fashion industry. She considers her continuous journey to deconstruct the natural world as being central to her artistic influence, a theme that she continues to explore through the canvas.

Aly Lloyd at the Other Art Fair London 2024



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